In an effort to provide our customers with all of their inspection needs, offer pool and spa system inspections in addition to my full service home inspections.


have been professionally trained and am fully qualified to perform pool and spa system inspections.


(Certificate #Reg105940ca Inspection Training Associates)

A pool and spa inspection is limited to the specific systems and components that are present and visually accessible. These include all the major systems such as;

  • Mechanical - including pumps, motors, heaters and filtration components.
  • Exposed piping, lighting and electrical.
  • Exposed decking and coping surrounding the pool and spa.
  • Remote control devices.
  • Enclosures - barrier fencing, installed door alarms and gates.

It is important to understand what is included in a pool and spa inspection. Equally as important is understanding what is not included.

Standard exclusions for these inspections are;

  • Pool body and decorative components such as tile, paint and special coatings.
  • All underground electrical.
  • Leak detection of non-visible plumbing.
  • Chemical water treatment systems, including the chemical conditions of the water.
  • Sizing, adequacy and projections of life expectancy or future performance of any equipment, system structure or component.
  • Determining compliance with installation guidelines, manufacturer's specifications, building codes, ordinances, regulations, covenants, or other restrictions, including local interpretations.


If your inspector is not using thermal imaging, you're not getting the whole picture. ®

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